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Scenery in Warmaster

I have made some 15mm buildings, which actually fit in quite nicely with Warmaster, they were originally made for some DBA games I never had... click here to see some photographs of them and including a forgeworld castle.

Another idea I have had is to utilise the buildings from the 5th edition of Warhammer, a quick scan, a quick image size reduction, print onto card and there you have it buildings for Warmaster. This does work

Now if I could only get my hands on that Warhammer Buildings Pack, Blood on the Streets... Warhammer Townscape...

Warmaster Model


Forgeworld have released some very nice resin scenery pieces for Warmaster, including castles, towers, houses, orc abodes and a wonderful galleon for the Empire.

If you have a chance do look over their site, as some of the WH40K pieces do look very nice (if somewhat pricey).


One of their releases is an Empire galleon, which is also rumoured may be the basis for a re-release of Man O War, but in the new scale of Warmaster. Hmm this rumour is probably a result of the Forgeworld Ship. Having said all that look at this comment from Jervis Johnson.

Man-O-War: Rick is very keen to do a new version of Man-O-War using the Warmaster rules mechanics as a starting point and with a new range of ship models. While MOW was a good game for its time, it suffered badly from over-development, also known as the 'everything and the kitchen sink' syndrome. I mean, Skaven and Ork fleets, what were we think?!?! We also think we can do a much better job on the ship models this time round. For these reasons we won't be doing a reprint of MOW, but you can expect to see Man-O-Warmaster rules coming out from Fanatic a couple of years time.

More more GW rumours check out the Portent web.


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