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Warmaster Updates Archive


Just a store for all the old stuff that was on the home page... just in case you were looking for it.

Empire Photographs

Check out some new pictures of Warmaster Empire miniatures, from the collection of Simon Evans

Stuff from Fanatic

Fanatic are releasing some new miniatures over the next couple of months.

Dave Andrews has made a huge new Trebuchet model, perfect for use in any Warmaster siege game, and a handy paperweight under other circumstances. The Trebuchet can be used by any army, and will come supplied with the crew of your choice.

For Empire players we have an Elite Halbardiers unit, and an elite Hand Gunners unit. To be honest we’ve called the units ‘elite’ simply to differentiate them from the standard halbardier and hand gunner units, and no special rules apply to the units. Instead these new units allow Empire players to have a bit more variety amongst these ubiquitous troop types.

Colin Greyson’s ‘Fanatic Cannon’. This Goblin new war machine really needs to be seen to be believed, so why not visit out website to check it out. Suffice to say hear that if you like Goblin Fanatics in Warhammer, then you’ll love this model.

Find out more about Warmaster Magazine #5.

Dwarf War Wagon

As you may have read on these pages I have been working on a Warmaster scale Dwarf War Wagon. I have been putting some concept models together using various Warmaster miiatures and have taken some photographs.

To find out more, click here.

New Rules in the offing...

Lizardmen ~ I have some old AIM Lizardmen, so I want to get a small Lizardy army together complete with Stegadons... not quite sure what I am going to do about a Slann model !!! However as it now appears that GW will be releasing a Warmaster Lizardman army, I will have all the figures I need.

Army Lists

We also hope to bring some "alternative" Army Lists and some "additions" and alterations to the current lists. After much searching on the web it seems there are quite a few unofficial lists about. Check out Old Sage Warmaster and Maximum Warmaster.


We hope to soon have some photographs of Warmaster Miniatures and some of the alternative miniatures. In the mean time check out the photographs of the orcs and some pre-production models on Rick Priestly's site.

Alternative sources of Miniatures

Pendraken Miniatures ~ produce a very large range of 10mm figures for a variety of armies.
Pendraken Official Site
Photographs of Miniatures

AIM Miniatures ~ no website available, but believe they are still in production...

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