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The Historical Miniatures Gallery covers a variety of aspects of historical gaming including: the Seven Years War; Napoleonic (lots if nice ships of the line); ACW Naval; British Infantry through the ages; Darkest Africa (not quite historical but nearly); World War One; World War Two; Coastal Forces; Moderns and Air Warfare.


The Fantasy Miniatures Gallery, as well as having a range of photographs of Citadel Limited Editions we also have a gallery of Dwarves; a selection of
Orcs & Goblins and a Misc section for all the other stuff... There is also a Warmaster Gallery.

In the Science Fiction Miniatures Gallery there are sections devoted to: 25mm which is now expanded a Space 1889 gallery, a small section devoted to 6mm and a much larger section for Epic40K. There are also three sections for space battles with a section on generic Starships, one for Star Trek and one forBabylon 5.

TheTally Ho! Miniatures Gallery contains pictures relating and inspiring our Tally Ho! rules.

The Flintloque Miniatures Gallery contains sections on Orcs; Goblins; Elves;
Dwarves; Ogres and a
Misc section for anything else not covered above. Also check out the following articles for Flintloque:
Battle for Casa Tumoor: This is a small Flintloque game, however it could also be used with historical units, as found in the Peninsular War. Battle for Elgin Abbey: This scenario, using the rules and figures in the box set, has Lieutenant Sharke and his band of Orc Rifles fighting against a pursuing band of Elven Voltiguers amongst the ruins of an ancient abbey. Guns of the South: Alternative History Scenario for the American Civil War American Civil War using the Flintloque system.

In 1988, GDW published a role playing game called Space: 1889. The brainchild of Frank Chadwick, the game takes place in an alternate universe that more resembles the worlds of Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs than it does our own. Check out our Space 1889 Gallery with images of Sky Galleons, Martians and British Soldiers. We also have a Space 1889 page. Also check out the following articles relating to: The Difference Engine Wargaming and the Analytical Engine.

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