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Tally Ho Photographs

Tally Ho! is a set of 1930s rules are well under development and should be available soon. The game allows small unit actions in the 1930s, normally using a small band of heroic advernturers versus nasty types. Will include full rules for vehicles and aircraft.

The photographs here are to give you an idea of the sort of game that Tally Ho! is, in many ways similar yet different to the Indiana Jones films. You can order the Indiana Jones Trilogy from here via amazon.co.uk. It also draws upon some of the ideas from the Crimson Skies PC game. Miniatures from the collection of James Clay and Simon Evans.

You can click each image individually or click here (for those with bandwidth and/or patience) for a page with all the full size images on.

thumbnail Gunfighter - 18Kb thumbnail Explorers - 28Kb
thumbnail Gunfighter - 16Kb thumbnail Explorers in Egyptian Tomb - 28Kb
thumbnail Gunfighters with boxes - 20Kb thumbnail Adventurer in Eqyptian Tomb - 29Kb
thumbnail Dr Watson - 18Kb thumbnail Adventurers shooting in Eqyptian Tomb - 13Kb
thumbnail Sailor - 17Kb thumbnail Adventurer in Desert - 24Kb
thumbnail Explorer - 18Kb thumbnail Adventurer with boxes in Desert - 21Kb
thumbnail Hunter - 18Kb thumbnail Gunfighters shooting behind boxes - 29Kb
thumbnail Adventurer with statues - 34Kb thumbnail Gunfighters shooting - 17Kb
thumbnail Adventurer with more statues - 33Kb thumbnail Altar - 21Kb
thumbnail Ninja with pistol - 20Kb    
Crimson Skies

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