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Setting the Scene

Some of my photos are taken at shows, though most were taken in our "studio". To call it a studio was a real liberty; it was a small table with a desklamp. I now just use the dining room table and scenery tiles.

I use a grassmat (from model railway shops), lichen and flock. I use Woodland Scenics flock to "soften" the lichen and make more realistic bushes and to "hide" the figures bases. Buildings are in the main by Steve Barber Models. They produce a wonderful range of 25mm German buildings, and a very nice 15mm Spanish range. We have also used resin castings from the Snapdragon Studio and Grendel - our personal favourite are the aztec-inca statues, the Adventurer with statues is a good example as shown here.

Adventurer w3ith statues

Backgrounds are from Corel Photo CD-Roms printed out on A4 and then taken down the copy shop to be blown up to A3. For close-up shots we simply stick a cardbox behind the grassmat and/or use lichen. Some shots are taken with the model on a white or blue background.

Orc Officers in Village

For my Epic photographs I use some ruined city scenery tiles I built for games of Epic40K.

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