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Historical gaming covers thousands of years. Information on Form Line of Battle a set of rules for the Age of Sail.

Miniatures from the collection of David Manley.

New photographs will be added at regular intervals.

thumbnail British 64 Gun Ship of the Line - 25Kb
thumbnail Spanish Xebec - 27Kb
thumbnail Spanish Xebec - closeup - 38Kb
thumbnail Napoleonic Fort - 31Kb
thumbnail British 100 Gun - close-up - 38Kb
thumbnail British 100 Gun Ship of the Line - 28Kb
thumbnail British 36 Gun Frigate - 30Kb
thumbnail Depot Ship - 19Kb
thumbnail British '74 - 28Kb
thumbnail French '74 - 26Kb
thumbnail British Brig - 28Kb
thumbnail British Cutter - 28Kb
thumbnail British Cutter - close up - 32Kb
thumbnail Santissima Trinidad - 28Kb

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