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World War Two

World War Two gaming is one of the more popular gaming periods. The photographs include tanks (French, German, Russian and American). A current web-based projects include a set of 15mm rules for WWII and moderns, as well as Feds (a SWAT/FBI skirmish game). Miniatures from the collection of Simon Evans and others from various shows. You can click each image individually or click here (for those with bandwidth and/or patience) for a page with all the full size images on.

thumbnail Landing Craft and Sherman Tanks on
Normandy beach - 31Kb
thumbnail Sherman Tank on Normandy beach - 31Kb
thumbnail CharB1 (front) - 12Kb
thumbnail CharB1 (side) - 15Kb
thumbnail German Command - 37Kb
thumbnail T34 and Russians - 34Kb


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