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Army Helmet

Moderns gaming covers a range of games, from skirmishes in the Vietnamese jungle to the tank battles of the Gulf War. Various scales are used, 6mm, 1/200th, 20mm and I have even played in 54mm games. Also air warfare is popular, find out about FoxTwo!

Current web projects include a set of 15mm rules for WWII and moderns, as well as Feds (a SWAT/FBI skirmish game). Miniatures from the collection of James Clay, Simon Evans, David Manley and others from various shows. New photographs will be added at regular intervals.

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thumbnail Vietnam Huey - 24Kb thumbnail C130 Hercules - 28Kb
thumbnail Russian Helicopter - 22Kb thumbnail F-4E Phantom - 14Kb
thumbnail UN Trucks - 22Kb thumbnail F-5A view one - 13Kb
thumbnail M901 Hammerhead - 32Kb thumbnail F-5A view two - 13Kb
thumbnail Close-up ofM901 Hammerhead - 25Kb thumbnail UN Trucks - 18Kb
thumbnail Russian Tanks - 22Kb    


German Tanks

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