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Fantasy Misc

These pictures are of miniatures from the collection of James Clay (and GW), some dating back to the mid-1980s. New photographs will be added at regular intervals.

acw naval thumbnail Skaven Clan Leader - 21Kb
acw naval thumbnail Skaven Warp Fire Thrower - 30Kb
acw naval thumbnail Skaven Fighters - 19Kb
acw naval thumbnail Fimir - 15Kb
acw naval thumbnail Fimir - 14Kb
thumbnail Chaos Warrior - 18Kb
thumbnail Wood Elves - 25Kb
thumbnail Zoat (again) - 28Kb
thumbnail Plains of Antioch (GW Big Battle) - 38Kb
thumbnail Zoat - 28Kb
thumbnail Giant - 23Kb
thumbnail Elephant - 28Kb
thumbnail Wagons in snow - 11Kb
thumbnail Altar - 13Kb
thumbnail Halfling with Bows - 26Kb
thumbnail Halfling Chef - 5Kb
thumbnail Big Ogre - 28Kb
thumbnail Barbarian - 34Kb


Game Choice

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