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Citadel Limited Editions

These pictures are of miniatures from the collection of James Clay, some dating back to the mid-1980s.

acw naval thumbnail Gangsters - 16Kb
acw naval thumbnail Fimir - 15Kb
acw naval thumbnail Fimir - 14Kb
acw naval thumbnail Bugman's Beer Wagon (in pieces) - 17Kb
acw naval thumbnail Orc Warlord and Bodyguard - 21Kb
acw naval thumbnail McDeath's Crazed Caledonians - 21Kb
acw naval thumbnail Dwarf Engineer ~ "Oxy" - 12Kb
acw naval thumbnail Fantasy Robot - 15Kb
thumbnail Thrud - 21Kb
thumbnail Sleazy Rider I - 29Kb
thumbnail Sleazy Rider II - 25Kb
thumbnail Wizard with SMG - 18Kb
thumbnail Space Santa - 18Kb
thumbnail Space Skeleton - 19Kb
thumbnail Dwarf on Toilet - 16Kb
thumbnail Marine (again) - 22Kb
thumbnail Space Ork - 21Kb
thumbnail Space Marine - 21Kb
thumbnail Zoat - 28Kb
thumbnail Citadel Dwarf Father Christmas - 17Kb
thumbnail Power Armoured Marine - 24Kb
thumbnail The "original" Space Marine - 24Kb


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