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Imperial Guard

The photographs show miniatures from the collections of James Clay and Simon Evans. You can click each image individually or check out the Imperial Guard Infantry, Light Vehicles, The Mailed Fist, Artillery, Super Heavy Tanks, War Engines, The Imperial Navy and Conversions pages.(for those with bandwidth and/or patience) for pages with all the full size images on. Also have a look at the Titans page.

Imperial Guard Armour on the move - 33Kb Imperial Armour advances- 34Kb
Leman Russ in column - 34Kb Imperial Chimeras on the move - 36Kb
Imperial Chimera - 26Kb Imperial Manticore (frontal view) - 28Kb
Imperial Manticore (Heavy Artillery) - 32Kb Manticore - 37Kb
Imperial Manticore in the ruins - 37Kb Leman Russ on Patrol - 38Kb
Imperial BaneBlade - 31Kb Closer shot of Leman Russ Tanks - 27Kb
Leman Russ Tanks - 37Kb BaneBlade on patrol - 34Kb
Rear view of Leman Russ - 30Kb Leman Russ with barrel cladding - 27Kb
thumbnail Heavy Tanks - 32Kb thumbnail Epic Tanks - 25Kb
thumbnail Imperial Leviathan (kit conversion) - 34Kb thumbnail Epic Shadowsword - Large Tank - 23Kb
thumbnail Close-up of Epic AA Tank - 30Kb thumbnail Epic Self Propelled Guns - 23Kb
thumbnail Close-up of Epic Baneblade Turret - 26Kb thumbnail Epic SF Bomber - 14Kb
thumbnail Epic Fighter (side)- 18Kb thumbnail Epic Tank - 28Kb
thumbnail Epic Fighter (front) - 20Kb thumbnail Epic Bombard (front) - 34Kb
thumbnail Epic Bomber (front) - 21Kb thumbnail Epic Bombard (side) - 30Kb
thumbnail Epic Baneblade - 42Kb    



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