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I am giving those big 'uns their own page of pictures. Unfortunately some of these were taken with my old HP Photosmart camera (you should see how bad the ones are with a new digicam). Models from the collection of Simon Evans and James Clay.

Imperial Titan Battleforce.

Mk II and Mk III Warlord Titans tower over a Warhound.

Imperial Warlord (and a wrecked one).

A pair of Imperial Reavers.

Frontal shot of the Imperial Reavers.

A pair of Warhounds.

A Reaver on patrol.

Frontal shot of the Reaver.

A new Warlord Titan.

Another view of the Warlord Titan.

"Da Milkfloat"

Old style Imperial Warlord Titan (the beetle).

Send the Warlord in...

Imperial Warlord Titan passes the ruins of an Imperial city.

Imperial Warhound Titan.

Imperial Reaver Titan.

Great Gargant (older model).

Lefthand side of the Great Gargant, though you can't see it, the grey panel behind the gatling gun does in fact have an Imperial Eagle on it, whilst the brown camo plate is a similar pattern to some old Imperial Rhino colour scheme I once did.

Ork Gargant, turns to target enemy troops.

The enemy has been dealt with, time for the Gargant to move on and find fresh targets.

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