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Witch Hunters

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Though I have lots of painted Epic miniatures, this section will show what I am building or painting for Epic at the moment.

Epic Feral Orks

Feral Orks
Epic Armageddon Ork Junaktrukks
Ork Squiggoth
Ork Squigargant

Misc Ork stuff

Ork Objectives
Epic Armageddon Ork Bases
Ork River Monitors
Ork Transport Plane - never finished

Epic Ork Airfield Defence Force

Ork Landa
Forgeworld Ork Bommerz
Epic Converted Heavy Fighter Bommerz
Ork Airfield Defence Vehicles

Ork Speed Freeks

Deth Koptas
Forgeworld Ork Gunwagons

Ork Airfield Defence Vehicles

Epic Galleries

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