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The Battle of Rio Del Trottar - Flintloque Battle Report

The village of Rio Del Trottar is on the Catalucian-Al-Garvey border, comprising a small number of dwellings and farms. A section from the 4th Caçadores under the command of Lieutenant san Paulo was ordered to forage for supplies. With them was a Catalucian Guerilla liaison officer, Private Tapas. As they moved to the village, a section of Elven Voltigeurs was seen in the distance (probably on the same mission as the Caçadores. Lieutenant san Paulo ordered the Caçadores to engage them, he took half the section, with Tapas to the right flank, Sergeant Êscudos took the remaining Caçadores to the left towards the village.

Once within range, a few of the Caçadores opened fire with their rifles, Sergeant Êscudos wounding an enemy NCO. The Voltigeurs returned fire, Private dos Matar who had recently joined the regiment, took fright and ran from the field. Meanwhile Tapas, on the right flank suffered a misfire, his rifle exploding causing him a wound. The Caçadores under Sergeant Êscudos again fired at the Voltigeurs, who returned fire, then they charged in to attack the Voltigeurs in hand to hand combat, whereupon the Caçadores with Lieutenant san Paulo supported the attack.

A fierce hand to hand combat took place: Corporal Êste Ôlho was pushed back and then ran; Lieutenant san Paulo was killed as was Sergeant Êscudos who was fighting three Voltigeurs; Tapas suffering from his wounds also was killed. With Private Rambirôs the only experienced Caçadores left, he ordered a retreat from the village of Rio Del Trottar.

The Voltigeurs having captured the village did not pursue. Back with the regiment, and three dead, we got two replacements, a new Lieutenant and a Sergeant. Corporal Êste Ôlho who should have replaced Sergeant Êscudos was demoted to Private, whilst Private Rambirôs, in recognition of his courage in saving the section, was promoted to Corporal.

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