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Star Wars Episode II

Find out more about Star Wars Episode II.


We also noticed that Harlequin have a range of Dr Who boxed sets and we have seen in the shops a boxed game.

Harlequin Miniatures - Dalek Patrol
Harlequin Miniatures - Dinosaur Invasion
Harlequin Miniatures - UNIT Patrol
Harlequin Miniatures - TARDIS
Harlequin Miniatures - Invasion Earth Daleks
Harlequin Miniatures - UNIT Heavy Weapons Squad

Babylon 5 Crusade

It appears that Crusade will start in the UK on Sunday July 4th on Sky One at 8pm

A Call to Arms Cover

"A Call to Arms" - the prequel for Crusade
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Babylon 5 Wars Update

The Babylon 5 Wars is a board/miniatures game. Currently out is a First Edition Boxed Set (this was not "available" in the UK or Europe. The Second Edition Boxed Set is due in soon. As for European availability: Update: Current plans are to release the 2nd Edition simultaneously in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. More from:


Iron and Fire ACW Supplement

We are currently working on a ACW supplement for Iron and Fire, which should be available in the spring.

Second Fantasy Scenario Book

After the success of Cold Iron, work is currently underway on a new book. This one will be based on Orcs and Goblins. Other titles in the planning process include Elves and Undead.

Crazy Ivan

After many delays, work is currently going ahead, we are hoping for a summer release.


Bifrost saw the first public appearance of our starfighter combat game, this participation game used the Star Wars background. The game was fast and furious and very akin to the movies. The core system is applicable to all types of starfighter games and you can use any background with them. The Felixian will have articles for using Gold-Leader with Star Wars, Babylon 5, etc...

Star Trek Insurrection

It's an odd numbered film, was it any good? That is the question! Originally the film was going to have Romulans and Spock in, but it appears that Leonard Nimoy did not want to reprise his role and that the "fans" don't like Romulans. What has come out (and there is never any guarantees about this): Rick Berman says that the film will be more character-driven than First Contact and will have two male guest stars and one female guest star. It also appears that Riker will be in command of the Enterprise as Picard is elsewhere... Though it was rmoured that Deep Space Nine and Voyager will be involved in the movie they weren't. Star Trek Insurrection opened in the UK on the 1st January.

Deep Space Nine

Now into season seven (the last season). Season six had a six part arc story to start off as the war with the dominion continues. Will this season be as successful as season six, we'll wait and see. The battle scenes are some of the best seen in any incarnation of Star Trek.

One episode of Deep Space Nine that we enjoyed was the episode in which Avery Brooks plays a struggling write in 1950s America. Most of the regular cast and a fair number of regular guest stars were in it sans make-up.


As Voyager enters season five, last season we saw Kes leave and Seven of Nine arrive. Seven is a (or was a) Borg who is attempting to re-discover her human identity. It is apparant from video sales and ratings figures that Voyager is more popular than Deep Space Nine.

Star Wars

The videos of Star Wars special editions sold well. Principal photography has been completed on the prequels with post-production taking well over twelve months. Ewan McGregor plays the young Ben. The trailer has caused quite a storm both here in the UK and the US.

Babylon 5

Season five now on Channel 4. The TV movie "In the Beginning" which premiered on TNT in January will be available on video in July, the other TV movie "Thirdspace" will follow a few months later. JMS is looking at doing a proper movie and a follow-on series "Crusade".


Much of the season five of the X-Files will be a prelude to the movie. It seems apparant that David Duchovny is not too happy playing Mulder and wants to move on, however anyone who saw his most recent movie (and we can't even remember the name) will probably say stick the X-Files.

Babylon 5 Wars

We finally managed to get our hands on a copy (from Forbidden Planet). The metal ships included in the game are nice, but the rules are somewhat complicated and reminiscent of Silent Death (allegedly). It does seem that due to licensing problems it shouldn't be on sale in the UK at all! The following taken from the Agents of Gaming website explains all!!

European Availability Update: No firm news yet, but a new proposal has been sent to WB's UK branch and we remain hopeful that progress will soon be made. (As many of you know, we cannot sell B5W or any associated products (like miniatures) in Europe yet. We are working on this problem, but it's slow going. WB UK has its own branch and requires a separate production license, which is a slow-moving legal issue. In the meantime, we can't sell in Europe, either to distributors, stores, or individuals. In addition, distributors in the US are NOT allowed to ship B5W to Europe. Period.)

Hopefully FP will get the ship models promised by the Agents of Gaming. The listing we have is as follows:

  • BW-101 Babylon 5 Wars Boxed Set: $45 + $4 shipping
  • BW-201 Earthforce Omega Destroyer: $11.95
  • BW-202 Minbari Sharlin WarCruiser: $11.95
  • BW-203 Narn G'Quan Heavy Cruiser: $11.95
  • BW-206 Starfury Fighter (3/blister): $6.95
  • BW-207 Narn Frazi Heavy Fighter (3/blister): $6.95
  • BW-208 Centauri Sentri Medium Fighter (3/blister): $6.95
  • BW-209 Minbari Nial Heavy Fighter (3/blister): $6.95
  • BW-212 Earthforce Hyperion Cruiser: $8.95
  • BW-213 Centauri Vorchan Warship: $6.95
  • BW-217 Minbari Flyer (3/blister): $6.95
  • BW-229 Raider Fighter (3/blister): $6.95

Babylon 5 RPG

The RPG now has a set of starship combat rules (based on Full Thrust and written by Jon Tuffley) and they look more user friendly. However what I want are some ship models...


Panzerfaüste is an exciting new game from Wessex Games pitching popular fantasy races onto a twentieth century like mechanised battlefield!

Over the next few months Wessex Games will be bringing you a dynamic range of quality miniatures in support of our brand new rules set allowing gamers to throw themselves head first into the turbulent battles in The Land!

The races of The Land in Panzerfaüste have historical parallels in our own world. But just who is who?

DWARVES: the jack booted expansionist Dwarves of Khâllazdurin are based on the Germans.

GNOMES: all swigging Chardonnay and eating snails, the Gnomes are very French.

ORCS: from the island kingdom of Branzhûm and drinking "Cha", the Orcs could only be British.

RATS: these untrustworthy allies of the Dwarves are based on the Italians.

OGRES: allied with the Dwarves against the Dark Elves, our Ogres look like Romanians.

TROGLODYTES: the subterranean dwellers of occupied Tôrg Baraz are based on eastern European partisans.

TROLLS: living in icebound Friglünd, our Trolls are based on the Finns.

DARK ELVES: fighting for the Tsar of the Blood Star Dynasty, the Dark Elves are very Russian.

TROW: the neutral cousins of the Trolls are inspired by the Swedes.

LIGHT ELVES: from across the Middle Sea come the Light Elves, who look somewhat like the US Army.

Written by Steve Blease (author of Flintloque, Deadloque, Grapeshotte and Iron Cow) and Matthew Hartley (author of Tusk, Scudbusters and Hell on Jaralldah), Panzerfaüste is an extremely challenging and fast moving section/platoon level game of mechanised fantasy warfare.

The core game system revolves around a simple D6 driven system called Guts, where each figure is allocated a Guts level which he must beat on a dice roll to take an action (such as moving under fire). Failed rolls can result in the Guts level dropping during the game and tasks becoming harder to perform. Simple in concept, it challenges the player's ability to get the best out of his troops before battle fatigue sets in!

The game also includes a campaign system allowing character development, the awarding of medals to especially heroic characters and a magic system based around individual races favourite foods (although a failed Guts roll can result in indigestion rather than improved abilities!).

A comprehensive background is also included in the rule book, along with maps, illustrations, introductory scenarios and a number of appendices including suggestions on buying vehicles for the game, making terrain and painting your figures.

Of course such a unique and exciting game, needs a top range of miniatures to support it!

Over the next months Wessex Games will be releasing a growing range of Panzerfaüste miniatures sculpted by Mike Owen (the Flintloque miniatures sculptor) and Paul Stevens. Watch out for Orc Marines, Rat Internal Security troops, Dwarf Mountain Jägers, Dark Elf Naval Infantry as well as puddlesplashers for all races. Most figures will also have number of head and equipment variants to allow for great characterisation in your units.

The first miniatures (Dwarf and Gnome regular infantry) are available from the end of May, with regular releases thereafter. Keep in touch by sending an SSAE for the first release sheets (and details of special offers) to the following address: Wessex Games, 4 Old Acre Road, Whitchurch, Bristol, BS14 0HN.

Film Choices

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