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By David Manley

Rules Information

If you are interested in pitching American F-86 Sabres on Chinese Mig-15s, Israeli F-16s versus Iraqi Mig-29 Fulcrums, or British Harriers against Argentinean Mirages, then Fox Two! - Rules for Modern Air Combat is the set of rules is for you. Covering a wide range of aircraft; a detailed set of rules, Fox Two! is ideal for re-creating modern air conflicts.

The Fox Two! rules, written by David Manley, cover detection; initiative; movement and manoeuvres; missile and gun attacks. It also contains statistics on over 79 aircraft from Russia, USA, UK, and a host of other countries. There are five scenarios within to get you started. As well as weapon and acquisition template, you also get a quick reference sheet, to speed up play.

Unfortunately, we no longer publish FoxTwo, sorry.


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Fighter Combat

Sharpe's Fortress Cover

Order Fighter Combat: Tactics and Manoeuvring by Robert L. Shaw from amazon.co.uk

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