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Epic Pages Updates and News Archive

This pages contains archived details on updates to the Epic section of the website:

News: Details of Epic Armageddon Models

The following news is taken from the Fanatic Epic Armageddon newsletter:

Mark Bedford has been doing a lot of ‘test pieces’ for the metal infantry strips. We’ve just cast up a row of Terminators on a thinner version of the stand than we used for the first Space Marine strip. The good news is that the models cast perfectly, and the weight was almost half that of the first strip we made. This lower weight pretty much guarantees that we’ll be able to include at least 8-10 strips/stands in a pack for the same price as a Warmaster unit (hoorah!)

Mark has also made a really nice Guard fire support team. These come on a round ‘dioramic base, with the weapons team behind a set of sandbags. It looks very nice – hopefully we’ll have pictures of the stand up on the website soon.

Shane Hoyle has delivered a lovely Ork trukk model. Chunky and very characterful, this model is going to set the pattern for the new versions of the smaller Ork vehicles we will release with Epic Armageddon.

While on the subject of Ork vehicles, John Manders has delivered the master for a new metal version of the Ork stomper. It really is a superb piece, John’s best work for us so far I’d say, and I would imagine that every Ork player will want one of two of these models in their army.

40K Developer and Epic aficionado Pete Haines came up with a great idea for a new Space Marine vehicle. “Jervis,” he said “the Marines could really use something that would allow them to drop vehicles directly onto a planet from their battlebarges. You know, a sort of giant landing craft that could hold a detachment of tanks…” I’ve never been one that was loath to steal a good idea, so I’ve nicked this one and we’ll be including just such a vehicle in the Epic Armageddon range.

Writing the section of the v9.1 rules about our Back Catalogue models reminded just what a lovely model the Capital Imperialis was. Sadly the model can’t be made any more as it uses plastic tracks that are no longer available… so I’ve decided to have a new version made with metal tracks!

News: Forgeworld releases Eldar Night Spinner

The following news is taken from the Forgeworld newsletter:

Take a look at this! These photos are of an Epic 40,000 scale Eldar Night Spinner which only measures 35mm long, that’s less than an inch and a half! We just put the Epic Eldar Night Spinners onto our online store in the Pre-order section and they will be sent out from the 17th of March. Brian is currently working on a range of Epic 40,000 Eldar Wave Serpents based on the Forge World Warhammer 40,000 designs. More news on this soon.

News: Forgeworld releases two new Super Heavy Tanks

The following news is taken from the Forgeworld newsletter:

If you take a look at the following link you'll see the first castings of the Epic 40,000 versions of the Imperial Stormsword and Stormblade. It's difficult to believe these models are actually smaller than the photos you're seeing here but it's true. I am of the opinion that the modelmaker just ran the 40K versions of these through Forge World's top secret 'De-big-ulator'. It's the only sensible explanation for tiny models this detailed. The Epic 40,000 Stormblade and Stormsword are available to pre-order now for release week commencing February 3rd.

Forgeworld in a previous newsletter released details of a 40K scale Imperial Guard troop carrier.

A few months ago we talked about our working on a flying Imperial Guard troop transport. Some of you may even have seen CGI designs and sketches for the project at some of the shows Forge World has been to. Well after months of work modelmaker Daren Parrwood has finished it. Please feast your eyes on the Imperial Guard Valkyrie Airborne Assault Carrier. The Valkyrie model measures 300mm/12inches long and 240mm/9.5inches wide. It can carry a squad of elite Imperial Guard Storm Troopers and is armed with a choice of either a forward firing Multi-laser or Lascannon, two door mounted Heavy Bolters and either two wing mounted Hellstrike missiles or fuel tanks. The troop compartment is fully detailed and can be assembled with the side doors sliding open and the Heavy Bolters either deployed or folded away. The seats can be assembled either locked up into the roof, so that larger cargoes can be carried, or down as shown for troop carrying. Forge World's rules guru Warwick has completed a set of experimental rules for the Valkyrie already which can be downloaded as a PDF file here.

News: Fanatic Epic Newsletter #2

Fanatic have published the second edition of their Epic Newsletter, you can find it here.

News: Epic scale MK II Rhino

Well we told you about on this site, well if you go to the GW Epic40K site you will see an epic scaled metal Rhino. You can also see a mock-up of the new Rulebook cover.

News: Forgeworld release Manta Rules and previews of new Epic Tyranids

From the Forgeworld newsletter:

We've just posted a pile of new experimental and optional rules on our website. New to our Downloads section we have experimental rules for 40K Tank Ammunition, Imperial Navy Aircraft upgrades, Stormblade super heavy tank, Necron Pylon and Epic 40,000 Tau Manta. Click here.

It's been a while since we showed you some work in progress so here you go. Simon Egan worked on all the Forge World Tyranid monsters for 40K so when we decided to 'de-bigulate' them to Epic size we had to get him to work his magic on them again. The photos here are of course of incomplete models and only give a taste of how nice these little models are going to be. More news on these soon.

News: Fanatic Epic Newsletter

Fanatic have published their new Epic Newsletter, you can find it on the Games-Workshop website here.

News: Epic scale MK II Rhino

Though I guess most people have seen the Epic scale MK II Rhino on Carl Woodrow's Dropship site, according to Gambit on the Epicentre site we can expect a replacement when Epic:A is released, though not stated I guess it must be a metal replacement if you consider what Jervis has said about new plastics. He also states that Epic:A will be released as a book rather than as a boxed set.

News: Carl Woodrown updates Dropship (updated update)

Carl Woodrow has added a range of updates to his Dropship site. Check it out here.

News: Carl Woodrown updates Dropship (update)

Carl Woodrow has added a page on the Tau Manta to his website see how he made it here and how he painted it here.

He has recently added a very nice image of a red Warhound Titan to his dropship pages. Check it out here.

News: GW/Fanatic confirm that Epic Magazine to stop been published...

As you can see from the following excerpt from the Fanatic newsletter, Epic Magazine is now on hold until the publication of Epic Armageddon in late 2003.

Epic Magazine & Epic Armageddon

The Fanatic team has been doing a lot of work recently on a new edition of the Epic rules called Epic Armageddon, as you will see when you read through the latest issue of Epic Magazine. So far this work has been progressing extremely well (better than we could possibly have hoped, in fact), and I am confident that Epic Armageddon will return Epic to its rightful place as one of the premier Games Workshop games systems. However, developing and producing a new rulebook to the standard and level that I know you will expect and deserve takes a lot of design resources, and this has forced me to make a very hard decision. In a nutshell, I can either keep on producing Epic Magazine, or get the Epic Armageddon rules into print next year, but not both. Because of this I have, with heavy heart, decided to stop producing Epic Magazine after issue 10 until Epic Armageddon is released towards the end of 2003.

This means that the copy of Epic Magazine that has just been printed will be the last one that will be produced for some time. Instead we will be producing a bimonthly 4-page newsletter, which will keep Epic players up to date on the progress of Epic Armageddon, and will give us a chance to show you pictures of the new models that we are working on for the game. The newsletter will also include Epic 40,000 rules for any new resin models produced by Forge World, as well as any other news and views of interest to Epic gamers. We will also be posting regular updates about Epic Armageddon (including further playable demos of the rules) on the Epic website at www.epic40000.com.

News: Epic Magazine to stop been published...

As I purchased Epic Magazine #10 from my local GW store, I was informed by the staff that it was to be the last issue... according to a memo received by them from GW Head Office, GW do not have the resources to develop Epic Armageddon and produce the Epic magazine as well therefore Epic Magazine will no longer be published until Epic Armageddon is out. If you check this page out you will see that Epic Armageddon is due as a Winter 2003 release. Though I was "assured" that GW would continue to support Epic over the internet, it does seem that Epic players will not be getting much in the way of resources and models until Epic Armageddon is published.

News: Epic Dark Eldar in development

Other news from the same conversation was that there will be Epic Dark Eldar and that they are currently in development and the models are very nice. It is apparent that GW will be developing Epic versions of all their WH40K armies therefore you should expect to see Necrons as well. Obviously the development time and eventual appearance for these is subject to a wealth of factors and therefore could be years before we see them.

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