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10th July 1999

We have upgraded and enhanced The Felixian section of the site and will attempt to upgrade this section on a more regular basis. We have also aded a reviews page.

We have enhanced the Flintloque section.

In the pipeline, more reviews, more articles and more photographs.

4th July 1999

We have added a few more photographs to articles and enhanced the articles page for The Felixian.

20th June 1999

Have added more links and general tidiness.

12th June 1999

Just some general housework.

22nd May 1999

Added some more books to the books page we are currently preparing a Star Wars: Phantom Menace page.

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Incredible Cross-Sections : The Definitive Guide to the Craft of Star Wars : Episode 1 Cover

We are also currently setting up a Flintloque webring, further details as and when.

16th May 1999

Checked some links and more books added.

Star Trek Voyager Books

Babylon 5 Books

Buying books from Amazon via our site helps to fund this site and allows us to take more photographs.

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8th May1999

Just some "house-keeping", this time. Added some news items and other stuff to the books page.

17th April 1999

After two hard disk crashes and the loss of the site files on our computer, we have managed to download the entire site back onto our new hard drive, to enable an update.

We have some photo sessions lined up, including more Space 1889 stuff and Darkest Africa.

We should have online payments within two months using the pay2see method of payment. Please note that we will only be able to accept credit cards online and not via other methods.

We have also changed the links on the links page so that they remain within the same browser window.

6th February 1999

We have added some more photographs to the Miniatures Gallery.

Epic Ork
Fantasy Dwarves
Epic Space Marines
25mm SF
Citadel Limited Editions

The guestbook is still having problems... as soon as we have news we'll post here.

31st January 1999

We have added some more photographs to the Miniatures Gallery.

Pictures have been added to:

Citadel Limited Editions
SF 25mm
SF 25mm
Space 1889
Epic Ork
British Infantry
Tally Ho

Future photographs include: more Epic (old and new); 25mm Orks and Squats and some more Limited Editions.

We are currently attempting to get our Guestbook online, but we are having some problems with the cgi.... we are also hoping to allow people to purchase our rules online in the near future.

Comments always welcome.

23rd January 1999

We have added new pictures to the galleries but the major change was the addition of thumbnails to the gallerieis. We hope this makes browsing the galleries quicker and faster (let us know if you prefer the original format). We have also "corrected" the image file sizes on the galleries. Most of the image files were changed sometime ago, but the reference on the galleries pages were not and therefore inaccurate. Let us know what you think of the thumbnails (eg download speed, thumbnail size and quality).

We have had some very positive comments about the new-look site. Thanks for those.

More photos will be added in the next few weeks, and we should have some more articles for The Felixian. Also more links will be added to the links pages.

21st January 1999

We have added the Wargamers Ring and Napoleonic Wars Ring to the Webrings page.

17th January 1999

We have had a major revamp of the site. The frames have gone, the blue on white has been replaced by grey on black. We have a new logo and hopefully (!) a more user-friendly menu system. The main reasons for the upgrade to the site was to improve accesibility, improve download speeds (enhanced by a new server at our ISP) and generally make life easier for the people out there coming to have a look at the site.

The other main reason was to enable more changes at a future date when new products are released and more photographs added.

We now have a site map and this will enable you to find out what's where. Use this page to find out what's new.

Please send us your comments and any "broken" links you find.

10th January 1999

We have added another thirty photographs to the website. They can be found in the Flintloque, Epic, Darkest Africa and Fantasy sections. Click here to go to the Miniatures Gallery.

3rd January 1999

We have added thirty new photographs to the miniatures gallery. They can be found in the Flintloque, Epic and Fantasy sections. Click here to go to the Miniatures Gallery.

1st January 1999

Well a new year and another update a few more photographs (digital) added and we have shot off another roll of film.

31st December 1998

We have added quite a few book links to amazon.co.uk allowing visitors to our site to purchase relevant books. We have details on books by Harry Turtledove and the Bernard Cornwell Sharpe's books. There are other books dotted around the site as well. Please note that we only recommend books we have read.

We have added a few new photographs (taken with our digital camera) which are now on our site. We have also taken two rolls of film using our 35mm camera which will be on the site before the end of January.

New Photographs include:

Epic Ork Vehicles - 36Kb
Adventurer in Desert - 24Kb
Adventurer with boxes in Desert - 21Kb
Gunfighters shooting behind boxes - 29Kb
Gunfighters shooting - 17Kb
British Colonial Infantry - 19Kb

28th December 1998

We have added some more links to our links pages including amazon.co.uk which is a superb online bookstore giving excellent discounts on many gaming related books (I have found them very competitive and superb at getting hold of US imports. We have also added a few more links.

20th December 1998

More maintenance done, in the main changing the compression ratios of the miniatures' photographs and other graphics (to make smaller file sizes - though this is not yet reflected in the values given on the lists). This should improve loading times and speed things up generally.

If you have been looking at some of the photographs of our old Citadel Miniatures and wondered what else Citadel did, why not have a look at The Stuff of Legends which has listings of lots of old Citadel Miniatures (link added to links page).

16th December 1998

Since the last update we have done some "maintenance" - changing the buttons bar so that it loads faster and adding a few pictures here and there.

We have also added some banners for people to put on their website to link to ours. Click here for more details.

We are in the process of taking some more photographs, they should be online in January, check here for updates or on one of the rec.miniatures' newsgroups.

22ndNovember 1998

Well we were hoping on an earlier update than this, but life has been very busy. In the main doing a course to be come an online trainer - check out
to see what we have been up to.

This is in the main a maintenance update (due to the cgi script for our guestbook going down); however we have added a few extras to the site and added a few other things as well. The delay in updating the site has resulted in whole batch of newly painted figures just waiting to be photographed. These include Darkest Africa, Flintloque Dwarves, more Epic stuff and scenery.

We have also added three new Felixian articles from issue one which is now sold out. The articles are Sink or Swim - A scenario for FoxTwo; Fighter Wing - A scenario for FoxTwo and Boldly Going - Star Trek Quick Scenarios for Full Thrust.

25th July 1998

Added a link for Terragenesis on the links page, a really nice site with some excellent ideas on making terrain.

22nd July 1998

We have added more photographs to the Miniatures Gallery. These include World War Two coastal forces, Napoleonic ships, ACW ships and some SF starships. These models are from the collection of David Manley which are now on the site earlier than expected...

We have also taken the opportunity to add the photo links on the relevant pages relating to our rules. Therefore you can find photos of ACW Riverine craft on our page devoted to Iron and Fire.

20th July 1998

We have added a range of new photographs to the Miniatures Gallery. These include World War Two coastal forces, Napoleonic ships, ACW ships and some SF starships. These models are from the collection of David Manley. Further photographs from this shoot will be added during July and August. We are currently setting up some more shoots, including Flintloque Dwarfs, more Epic stuff, some 1/300th SF conversions and terrain and Foundry's Darkest Africa Range.

2nd July 1998

We have added another sample article to The Felixian list.

15th June 1998

We have over-hauled the Miniatures Gallery to enable faster download times; by splitting the Gallery into relevant sections. We have also added another twenty-five photos.

We have added the first Flintloque Playsheets to complement Crescent City Industries' Fantasy Napoleonic game.

We have added an Action Stations article to complement the others on the site. Click here to read.

We have also made the top logo smaller.

We have just shot off another two rolls of film of Miniatures from David Manley's collection, this includes Napoleonic ships, ACW ironclads and WWII coastal forces. We also took some Babylon 5 miniatures while we were there. These should be added before the end of June.

The lastest issue of the Felixian is currently nearing the end of its editorial stage and should be available at the beginning of July.

27th May 1998

We have changed the buttons on the website, to make navigation easier, but with so much on the site, it's nigh impossible to have buttons for all the different sections. Though we liked the old buttons they were somewhat clumsy in size and look. The new "buttons" are neater and we can fit more of them in.

We are currently working on a major overhaul of the Miniatures Gallery to ensure even easier access. Probably by splitting the site into separate sections and adding more information. We probably will not add thumbnails (due to download time) however e-mail us if you feel different. The revised Gallery will be up and running in the next few weeks.

We also added some photos of the old Citadel Christmas Dwarf (circa 1985/6).

24th May 1998

We were hoping to take a load of photographs at Bifrost 98, however, due to poor light, a "bouncy" floor we certainly didn't get as many as we wanted, however we will be taking some new subjects in the not too distance future. There are some new photos and we also have updated some of the old ones (making them larger and smaller, pixel size and file size respectively).

We have now added quite a bit more to the site, the photographing miniatures section has left the Miniatures Gallery and has been given its own page, complete with images. We have added some more information to that section as well.

19th May 1998

We have added over eighty more photographs to the Miniatures Gallery, this must make us one of the biggest on the web (unless you know better).

11th May 1998

We have added a guestbook, so if you want to contribute, please leave us a note. We have also made it easier to e-mail us on the contact page. Please let us know what you think of the pages, anything else we can add? Any photos you want to see?

In the Miniatures Gallery we have added a new section on photographing miniatures.

Within the next few weeks we shall be adding more photographs (probably around another sixty) so keep in touch.

7th May 1998

As we have just got some photos back from the developers we thought we would update the photos page of the site. These photos were taken using extension tubes on our SLR, and they allow extreme close-ups of miniatures.

Check out the Epic Baneblade, is this really 6mm or could it be 25mm? You decide.

This Epic Dreadnought really shows off the skills of the Citadel designers.

Even Flintloque Halfling figures benefit from the close-up shot.

We have also updated our links page, and it looks like we will be on a few other links pages as well. Thanks everyone.

4th May 1998

We have added some world exclusive pictures of a new range of miniatures from Wessex Games for their new game Panzerfaüst. The following is taken from Wessex Games.

Panzerfaüste is an exciting new game from Wessex Games pitching popular fantasy races onto a twentieth century like mechanised battlefield!

Over the next few months Wessex Games will be bringing you a dynamic range of quality miniatures in support of our brand new rules set allowing gamers to throw themselves head first into the turbulent battles in The Land! The races of The Land in Panzerfaüste have historical parallels in our own world. But just who is who?

DWARVES: the jack booted expansionist Dwarves of Khâllazdurin are based on the Germans.

GNOMES: all swigging Chardonnay and eating snails, the Gnomes are very French.

ORCS: from the island kingdom of Branzhûm and drinking "Cha", the Orcs could only be British.

RATS: these untrustworthy allies of the Dwarves are based on the Italians.

OGRES: allied with the Dwarves against the Dark Elves, our Ogres look like Romanians.

TROGLODYTES: the subterranean dwellers of occupied Tôrg Baraz are based on eastern European partisans.

TROLLS: living in icebound Friglünd, our Trolls are based on the Finns.

DARK ELVES: fighting for the Tsar of the Blood Star Dynasty, the Dark Elves are very Russian.

TROW: the neutral cousins of the Trolls are inspired by the Swedes.

LIGHT ELVES: from across the Middle Sea come the Light Elves, who look somewhat like the US Army.

Written by Steve Blease (author of Flintloque, Deadloque, Grapeshotte and Iron Cow) and Matthew Hartley (author of Tusk, Scudbusters and Hell on Jaralldah), Panzerfaüste is an extremely challenging and fast moving section/platoon level game of mechanised fantasy warfare.

The core game system revolves around a simple D6 driven system called Guts, where each figure is allocated a Guts level which he must beat on a dice roll to take an action (such as moving under fire). Failed rolls can result in the Guts level dropping during the game and tasks becoming harder to perform. Simple in concept, it challenges the player's ability to get the best out of his troops before battle fatigue sets in!

The game also includes a campaign system allowing character development, the awarding of medals to especially heroic characters and a magic system based around individual races favourite foods (although a failed Guts roll can result in indigestion rather than improved abilities!).

A comprehensive background is also included in the rule book, along with maps, illustrations, introductory scenarios and a number of appendices including suggestions on buying vehicles for the game, making terrain and painting your figures.

Of course such a unique and exciting game, needs a top range of miniatures to support it! Over the next months Wessex Games will be releasing a growing range of Panzerfaüste miniatures sculpted by Mike Owen (the Flintloque miniatures sculptor) and Paul Stevens. Watch out for Orc Marines, Rat Internal Security troops, Dwarf Mountain Jägers, Dark Elf Naval Infantry as well as puddlesplashers for all races. Most figures will also have number of head and equipment variants to allow for great characterisation in your units.

More news as and when.

3rd May 1998

We have spent some time scanning in more photographs of miniatures to place on the site, the emphasis at the moment is Flintloque, but in the near future we should have some more SF photos, some B5 miniatures' photos and historical gaming pictures as well.

Every month we hope to add new articles and replace other stuff. At the moment we are updating on a weekly basis, therefore why not pop back and see what's going on.


We do like to hear feedback from gamers, about the site, our products, ideas, etc...

You can e-mail us at: felix@felixent.force9.co.uk

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