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Editorial Archive

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November 2003 28914 69249 1131474
October 2003 28294 70607 1153894
September 2003 24596 64355 996446
August 2003 18014 47999 755236
July 2003 19597 43277 814764
June 2003 19885 48229 756705
April 2003 22646 55123 902584
March 2003 23256 64475 919574
February 2003 20373 54716 803150
January 2003 19693 43298 610780
December 2002 18957 44175 506014
November 2002 23172 54678 715925
October 2002 20312 52931 627436
September 2002 13133 39185 479019
August 2002 14806 45941 601180
July 2002 13381 37154 711070
June 2002 10591 26906 495653

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22nd April 2003
Added the stats for March which are our best ever... Added the draft Krazy Ivan rules to the website - these were originally written back in 1995. Written using AmiPro, this has meant that they have been stuck on a disk since then, as I now use Word. Finally found my copy of Lotus WordPro and this meant I could finally open the document and convert them for the web. Expect to see more treasures soon...

4th March 2003
Added the stats for February which are quite good.

28th February 2003
Some new pictures of Ork Vehicles added. You can find the full size images on this page, and the thumbnails on this page for those with low bandwidth. Also, not a very exciting picture you may think (click here to see it), but this is in fact from one of my first games of Epic Armageddon....

9th February 2003
January's stats added to the editorial page.

28th January 2003
Warmaster news added to the Warmaster page.

19th January 2003
Added a Warhammer 40K battle report a very small (but beardy) band of Orks were defeated by less than a 1000 points of Imperial Guard. Images have also been added to the following sections: Imperial Guard Gallery, Imperial Guard Tanks and Heavy Weapons Gallery and Orks & Gretchin Gallery in the 25mm SF section of the website.

9th January 2003
Well not much has happened on the site over the last few months, in the main due to a new addition to my family. There have ben some updates to the Epic pages. Coming soon more new Warhammer40K miniatures. We have also updated our visits and hits table, over 23,000 visits by individual users in November alone.

10th August 2002
I am in the process of updating my photography techniques section. See what I have done so far...

6th August 2002
The hit counter on the home page only really counts hits on that one page and many people don't necessarily enter the site through that page. The following hits (see table above) are taken from our more detailed webstats.

5th August 2002
The 25mm SF Image Gallery, as well as loads of news images, has been totally revamped and expanded to make it easier to find images.

There are now sections on Orks and Gretchins, Imperial Guard Infantry, some very nice pictures of Imperial Guard Tanks and Heavy Weapons, Space Marines, Cityfight Terrain, Squats, Judge Dredd and a Misc section which contains images of things which don't fit into the above catergory.

30th July 2002
Warmaster Image Galleries: We have added some new photographs of Warmaster miniatures as well as reorganising the original pictures of the Empire miniatures and Scenery. Check out the new Galleries page. Have added a new image to the 25mm SF Gallery.

24th July 2002
Due to illness there haven't been any updates recently. There have been updates to the Epic and Warmaster pages.

8th June 2002
A new books section has been added on World War Two. We have also updated the index and home pages.

27th May 2002
Some additional rules for Epic40K have been posted to the Epic Rules page, click here to see them.

13th May 2002
Photograph of Warhammer 40K Tarantula posted, click here to see a full size image.

5th May 2002
Photographs of Warhammer 40K Cityfight Scenery added to the gallery, click here to see it.

25th March 2002
Some photos from a Seven Years War game added.

1st August 1999
Important Statement
Felix Enterprises ceased trading as of 1st August 1999.
The website will continue and will be updated. Expect a major revamp in the next few months.

13th December 2001
An old flintloque battle report on The Battle of Rio Del Trottar added.

11th December 2001
Most of the recent updates have been to the Epic and Warmaster pages, though one major difference has been the move from felixent.f9.co.uk/games to just plain old felixent.f9.co.uk, all the old links you may have will still work, and we are in the process of updating these pages to "refresh" to the versions on the parent directory. Please support our site by clicking on one of our many amazon links and buying something from them.

17th August 2001
We are now putting the web updates for the Epic40K pages on the Epic40K homepage. We were also quite chuffed to see that our Epic40k section of the site is a recommended link on the main Games Workshop site. We are hoping to do something similar with other sections of the site.

25th June 2001
We have added another photographic battle report. This time Orks versus a combined Imperial force. Though facing lots of tanks, Imperial Navy Aircraft and Space Marines in drop pods, the Orks excelled in battle and were victorious.

24th June 2001
Have added photographs of Warmaster Empire figures and Warmaster Scenery, there are also a bundle of new Imperial photographs. Check out the Imperial Guard Tanks and Infantry, Imperial Artillery, Super Heavy Tanks and Imperial Navy pages.(Also have a look at the Titans page).

20th May 2001
Some more articles added, The Predzen IV Incident is a Star Trek Skirmish complete with rules. We have also added the background to the Second English Civil War.

8th May 2001
As can be seen we have upgraded a large number of pages. We have also added a another Flintloque article Battle for Elgin Abbey - This scenario, using the rules and figures in the box set, has Lieutenant Sharke and his band of Orc Rifles fighting against a pursuing band of Elven Voltiguers amongst the ruins of an ancient abbey. This article was originally published in Practical Wargamer.

We have also added another Star Trek Full Thrust article - You will be Assimilated... A Solo Scenario for Full Thrust based in the Star Trek Universe. This conflict between the Federation and the Borg takes place, over eighty years before the events of "Q Who?". This is the time of the movies, Kirk and company are still flying in the Enterprise around the Universe. Most ships now have the new engines, as seen in the first Star Trek movie.

Finally added the maps to Sweep and Clear.

29th April 2001
We have added some new Epic40K photographs, check out new galleries: Imperial Guard; Space Marine, Orks and we have added some more pictures to the Eldar gallery.

We have also the first pictures of our conversions of Ork Flakwagons, check out the Ork Conversions Page which has Gun Trukks (Zap and Lobba), Trukk and a Battlefortress.

24th April 2001
We have added a Flintloque article of ours originally published in Practical Wargamer. The Battle for Casa Tumoor has Elves and Guinelian Legion Orcs fighting the Albion Orc General Staff. Find it here.

20th April 2001
We have updated some more pages. We have also "found" some old photographs of miniatures which we will scan and add to the site, we have also taken some more Epic pictures. New articles are been added to the articles section of the website.

16th April 2001
We have added an Epic 40000 battle report complete with pictures. Please be warned that it will take some time for all the photographs to load on a slow modem.

10th April 2001
Still a lot of work to do, though we have added page (and eventually there wll be sections) on Space 1889 and Epic40K. We are currently in the process of painting and converting a range of Epic miniatures thanks to some bargain sales at GW. Also working on my Warmaster figures.

11th March 2001
The site is undergoing a major revamp, this will obviously take some time, so please bear with us and do look back to find out how we are getting on.

17th January 2001
Some cosmetic changes, more links to DVDs and Books added. Plus an article on Dirtside II for WWII.

23rd October 2000
Added buttons to the Warmaster pages and a few more book recommendations.

8th October 2000
To be honest I have done some tweaking here and there since June, but in the main nothing major. This update includes some information on the Dwarf War Wagon in Warmaster.

25th June 2000
Have added some more information to a few of the Warmaster pages.

18th June 2000
In the main just a bit of tidying up and some pages added to the links page.

We also have put the following extra pages in for Warmaster.

13th May 2000
We have added a page on Dwarfs in Warmaster. Eventually it will contain photographs, new rules, ideas, scenarios, etc... we'll probably add a few more races as well. Would also like to do this with Epic 40000 and Flintloque.

6th May 2000
Well it is the the beginning of May... sorry no new photographs, but we have added a page on Warmaster, the new rules from Games Workshop.

20th April 2000

In the main just sorting out a few pages, expect to see some new photographs before the beginning of May... <fingers crossed>.

18th April 2000

We have added some new articles to the Felixian.

Judge Dredd Figures

13th April 2000

We have added a variety of photographs to the Miniatures Gallery taken at a variety of shows.

The latest photographs also include some Citadel Limited Editions and some Judge Dredd figures.

9th April 2000

More new articles have been added to the Felixian.

3rd April 2000

More new articles have been added to the Felixian and the articles listing pages have been changed.

New articles include:

We are continuing to "edit" the site, making mainly cosmetic changes, as well as removing references to Felix Enterprises.

We have changed the Photographing Miniatures Page into four pages to make it load faster:

We are also checking links (for example our guestbook no longer works).

25th March 2000

Not much has been done to the site since December, we have taken more photographs and they will be added to the site over the next few months.

We have added a search facility to the website. You should now be able to find those articles and photographs more easiy than ever before... however this was withdrawn...

We have added some articles:


Reaching The Threshold
Threshold Cards came about because I was not happy with the Threshold Point rules when running the original SFSFW participation game of Full Thrust. When running that game, I did think about sorting something out, along the lines of Threshold Cards, for the game

Senior Officers to the Bridge
Characters for Star Trek: Full Thrust - These rules were written for providing Kirk, Picard and Sisko characters for a Star Trek - Full Thrust campaign.

Romulan Star Navy Ships
Stats for Full Thrust

The Tholians
The Tholians are a race of beings that evolved in a searing hot methane environment, and seem to possess a hive culture similar to the Borg.

The Empire Strikes Back
Recreating the epic battle on Hoth using Dirtside II.

We are also hoping to add some more articles later to The Felixian.

16th December 1999

Well we said to expect a major revamp in a few months, and it has been a few months and after much thought, we have decided to retain the existing format (people liked it) however we are attempting to remove all references to Felix Enterprises (change your links and bookmarks please). This will (as might be expected with in excess of 144 pages) sometime...

Oh the guestbook has been taken offline ~ we lost our CGI-bin in the changeover...

We are planning some changes to The Felixian and hope to see some new stuff there soon, including some interesting articles..

We have some new photographs, these still have to be added to the site, and we also have planned a new photography session with some wonderfully painted Darkest Africa figures.

It seems the SFSFW now have a real presence online www.bifrost.org.uk gives details of the Bifrost show.

Also coming soon more stuff for Star Trek: Full Thrust

Vist the previous editorial archive


We do like to hear feedback from gamers, about the site, our products, ideas, etc...

You can e-mail us at: felix@felixent.force9.co.uk

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