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Sharpe's Fortress Cover

Fighter Combat: Tactics and Manoeuvring

The Authorative Text on Modern Fighter Tactics
As a pilot soon to commence lead in fighter training, I have found this an indispensable guide. It is a textbook, holding little of interest for the general reader, but if you fly aircraft or wish to understand that supreme form of tactics in the three dimensional sphere, then it doesn't get better than this.

A must-have for the serious air combat sim pilot (any era).
If you want to become an accomplished air combat sim pilot, this book is fundamental. From the perspective of a dedicated Air Warrior player, this book picks up where B.P. Anderson's 'Unofficial' AW Manual leaves off. The diagrams are a great help and the book is not cluttered up with any pointless anecdotes. It gives you the straight dope on the basics of ACM and then goes from there, leading up to the most advanced maneuvers and tactics. Shaw has written a book that will likely never be surpassed. More than highly recommended. Order Fighter Combat: Tactics and Manoeuvring by Robert L. Shaw from amazon.co.uk

Fighter Wing

Tom Clancy has written a series of books entitled The Tom Clancy Military Library these include books on submarine warfare, armoured warfare and most recently a guided tour of an Air Force Combat Wing. All are interesting books and well worth a purchase if you have an interest in that area. Order it from amazon.co.uk

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