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Here are some of my favourite Turtledove novels. Eventually we will have detailed reviews of them all.

One of his earlier books, Guns of the South, is set during the American Civil War, though this time the Confederates are armed with AK-47 Assault Rifles... As might be imagined the impact of such a deadly weapon on troops armed with Springfield Rifles is pretty clear cut.

The Confederates, finding the AK-47 a more than decent replacement for their rifles and smoothbore muskets, easily win any firefight... Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

Read an article on gaming Guns of the South using the Flintloque rules.

This novel makes the assumption that following the Civil War, America remained divided.

In 1881, a generation after the South won the Civil War, the peace is shattered. Furious over the annexation of American territory, the United States declares total war against the Confederacy. In this second American Civil War the times, stake and battle lines have changed - and so has history. Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

American Front

An alternate history following on from How Few Remain, set at the same time as World War One in our timeline.

The US decides to support Germany, whilst the Confederacy falls in with her old allies, France and Britain. America becomes the new battleground for their old antagonisms. Once again brother fights brother, friend fights friend. Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

Walk in Hell

It's 1915, and the Great War is intensifying, and the time of darkness has come. The slaves of the South have risen against their masters, taken on the creed of Bolshevism and are attacking the Confederacy. But the US remains pinned between their southern rival and the other enemy, Canada.

Buy it now from amazon.co.uk


Under the leadership of Roosevelt, the Union has been invigorated. Using new technology, Yankee forces attempt to break through the supposedly impregnable Tennessee trench line but they have to climb over the bodies of previous failures to do it. Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

Blood and Iron

Turtledove's Great War series morphs into the American Empire series. The U.S and imperial Germany have imposed a "blood and iron" peace on Britain, France, Russia, and the Confederacy. On the western front, the Confederacy struggles to overcome defeat, dissension, and Weimar-level inflation, and the U.S. labors to stay on top of things and prepare for the next round of combat. Indomitable, muddleheaded General Custer has his sails trimmed by the election of Socialist Upton Sinclair as president... . Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

The Centre Cannot Hold

Turtledove's American Empire series continues.... Pre-order it now from amazon.co.uk

In the Balance

World War II seethed across the planet. Hostilities spread in ever-widening circles of destruction. Then the real enemy arrived. Out of the skies came an inhuman invasion force, their weaponary overwhelming and with a simple goal: Fleetlord Atvar had arrived to claim Earth for the Empire. Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

Striking the Balance

Alien beings invade the Earth in the middle of World War II, forcing Allied and Axis powers to cease their own fight and unite against this new enemy. As the aliens unleash nuclear weapons, humans resort to guerilla warfare, but is it necessary to destroy the Earth in order to save it? Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

Tilting the Balance

The war between humans halted as the great military powers scrambled to meet an even deadlier foe. Already, Berlin and Washington had been wiped out and the US and the Axis territories lay under the invaders' control. Yet humanity refused to surrender. Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

Upsetting the Balance

The Axis powers and the Allies are locked in combat for control of the world, but suddenly their only chance for survival is to unite against alien invaders. Hitherto unthinkable tactics and weapons must be used - with horrific results. If the war ever stops, will there be any pieces to pick up? Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

Second Contact

Arriving in the midst of World War II, aliens have conquered half the Earth and are threatening to exerminate all life on the planet if they don't get their way. Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

Down to Earth

Arriving in the midst of World War II, aliens have conquered half the Earth and are threatening to exerminate all life on the planet if they don't get their way. Buy it now from amazon.co.uk


Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

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