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Stars & Stripes in Peril

Now it's 1863 and perfidious Albion is making a comeback via the Pacific, establishing a Mexican beachhead and planning attacks on united America's "soft underbelly" in the Gulf of Mexico. Gurkha and Sepoy troops build roads while sweaty white officers express nostalgia for England: "I despair of ever seeing her blissfully cold and fog-shrouded shores again." Buy it from amazon.co.uk

Find more Alternate History books.

Find more Alternate History books at amazon.co.uk

The Guns of the South

One of his earlier books, Guns of the South, is set during the American Civil War, though this time the Confederates are armed with AK-47 Assault Rifles... As might be imagined the impact of such a deadly weapon on troops armed with Springfield Rifles is pretty clear cut.

The Confederates, finding the AK-47 a more than decent replacement for their rifles and smoothbore muskets, easily win any firefight... Buy it now from amazon.co.uk

Read an article on gaming Guns of the South using the Flintloque rules.

Find more Harry Turtledove books.

Find more Harry Turtledove books at amazon.co.uk

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