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  Action Stations

Rules Information

These coastal forces rules were written by David Manley are a playable simulation of warfare involving coastal forces during WWI, WWII and the Korean War.

Those rules were mainly intended to cover Channel operations and actions in the North Sea. Two years of research has turned up many more small craft actions from around the world. The rules have been expanded to cover WWI actions as well as WWII engagements.

They can also be used for actions fought in the Korean War. The torpedo, aircraft and submarine rules have been rewritten and some improvements made to the gunnery section. Several new optional rules have been added, including the provision for more esoteric weapons such as acoustic torpedoes. There are new sections covering mines and Q Ships. Action Stations! now contains all the data tables required to play the game.

Cover of Action Stations


You can also find out the following on our website:

  • an article for use with Action Stations!
  • photographs of miniatures used in Action Stations!

Unfortunately, we no longer publish Action Stations, sorry.

Action Stations! is now available from: AaAGames@aol.com



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