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The Battle for Lower Turnstool
Fantasy Skirmish Scenario By James Clay

The Introduction

The sun was rising on the horizon, lighting the hills on the other side of the horizon causing the snow to reflect the bronzed light back down onto the hamlet of Lower Turnstool. As the sun rose the hamlet came to life, fires were lit, shutters were open, entrances were cleared of snow. The Dwarves of Lower Turnstool were ready to start another day.

Orthgrimm Warf sharpened his axe, a fine piece of metal that had seen service on many a battlefield, but as he sharpened, Orthgrimm put those thoughts behind him, those days were over. No more fighting for him, he was retired. The axe, well that wood did need chopping.

As Orthgrimm walked to the only tavern in Lower Turnstool for his regular lunch time drink, he heard shouting and the ringing of a bell. The village militia were been called to arms. What was going on?

He grabbed young (well young for a Dwarf) Svimm, who was part of the militia, and asked "what's going on?"

"Goblin raiding party!"

With that Svimm ran off to the barracks. Orthgrimm turned round and walked purposely back to his small cottage.

The barracks of the Lower Turnstool militia were somewhat small and overcrowded, a small section of regular Dwarf mountain troops were visiting for training in the snow. A heated discussion was in progress over who should command the defence of Lower Turnstool. Torin, commander of the militia, was adamant that he should be in charge, whilst the Sergeant Smithgriff of the mountain troops argued that as he was the senior "regular", and he emphasised the "regular" army officer he should be in charge. There was a crash as the door to the barracks was slammed open. In the doorway stood Orthgrimm, wearing armour and carrying a huge axe. The militia and soldiers looked and gasped.

"I believe that you are looking for me, someone to take charge of the defence of this village, Major Orthgrimm Warf at your service."

The Background

This skirmish scenario is set around the small hamlet of Lower Turnstool and the Dwarfs who reside their are about to be attacked by a goblin raiding party. Defending the hamlet are local militia, regular mountain troops and other villagers. Attacking is a goblin raiding party intent on ransacking the hamlet and all the other stuff that attacking troops do to ransacked towns and hamlets. Included are some simple skirmish rules to enable you to get fighting straight away.

The Dwarf Forces

The Dwarf forces are led by Major Orthgrimm Warf (retired), who wears chainmail and is armed with a large axe. He has three action points (see rules later on).

The Local Militia

The local defence of the hamlet depends on these troops. There are ten militia and they are wearing leather armour and are armed with a range of hand-weapons from axes, swords to halberds and spears. All the militia have one action point.

5th Dwarf Mountain Regiment

These are elite regular troops with experience of mountain fighting. Ten soldiers, wearing no armour (so to move quickly) they are all armed with hand axes and crossbows. Sergeant Smithgriff has three action points, all other soldiers have one action point.


Not too much to say, but ten villagers, wearing no armour, carrying a variety of stuff, large sticks, pitchforks, frying pans, etc. All villagers have one action point.

Dwarf Battlewagon Crew

Husky Sven

Husky is a resident of the hamlet, he is training to be a wizard at the nearby wizard university, but is home for the holidays. He carries a staff (for effect) and knows one spell really well, a fireball spell. He has two action points.

The Goblin Forces


Grott is a large goblin in charge of the band of goblins that have been raiding small hamlets and travellers in the mountains. he is armed with a large sword and is wearing chainmail. He has three action points.

The Wolf Riders

Six wolf riders, armed with bows and not wearing any armour. Each wolf-rider has one action point.

The Goblins

Twelve goblins, all wearing leather armour and armed with hand weapons.

The Lesser Goblins

Probably more trouble then they're worth, twenty lesser goblins, no armour all with hand-weapons.


There are numerous figures available for this scenario from a range of manufacturers, too numerous to mention. However the lesser goblins do deserve one idea, I use Citadel Miniatures' "Snotlings", which I base individually, using modelling putty, rather than using the large base which comes with the figures. With nine goblins in a pack you can easily create a large "regiment" of lesser goblins in no time at all.

The Scenery

The hamlet comprises a range of buildings, and I would suggest use what building you have in your collection. The buildings I used are from Steve Barber Models, who do a wonderful range of 25mm German Renaissance half-timbered buildings including a superb Town Hall and two and three storey buildings. The hamlet can be surrounded by a wall, hedges or fencing. My walls were made from cheap balsa wood, covered in a wash of wall-filler, painted and dry-brushed.

The Weather

Lower Turnstool is in a valley between the mountains, and as a result does get some snow. To make a change for your usual battles you could have the entire area covered in snow, and make it snowing as well - restrictions on movement and firing. Though you could say that the snow has melted allowing you to use the scenery that you already have...

The Rules

This is a small skirmish scenario, there are quite a few rules that could be used. Games Workshop's Warhammer could be used, Alternative Armies Dresda rules are another option.

The rules that follow are very basic, but do allow quick fun games without having to resort to huge rule books or bundles of tables.


Each character has a number of wounds equivalent to their number of Action Points. If a character is wounded, you can either say it has no effect. Though alternatively, and this will require some bookkeeping, you could say a wound reduces movement by 1", has a -2 modifier in hand-to-hand combat and when firing the character must add 2 to the dice

Turn Phase

Each turn each character may take the number of actions they have, they can use them to fire weapons, aim weapons, load crossbow, move, etc...

Each turn the Goblin player and the Dwarven player take it in turns to move their characters, expending the first Action Point, they continue to take turns, using the second Action Point.

For example, the Dwarven player moves Orthgrimm 3", the Goblin Player moves one of his Goblin soldiers (#1) a full move of 4". The Dwarven player can then move another character (they are unable to move Orthgrimm as he has moved, so the Dwarven player makes one of the mountain troops fire his Crossbow). The Goblin player moves another of his Goblin soldiers (this time #2) this time only 2".

Once all characters have expended one Action Point, characters can then expend their second Action Point. Once all characters, who can, have expended their second Action Point, they can utilise the third Action Point.

Action Points can not be held over.


Move 4" for all Dwarves
Move 5" for all Goblins.
Move 10" for Wolf Riders
Characters wearing armour have their moved reduced by 1"
Wounded characters have their move reduced by 1"
Moving across an obstacle costs 2".


To fire measure the range check the number required, throw a D10, you need to get equal to or under to hit and wound. Note that Goblin Wolf-Riders can fire and move using one action point subject to the modifier given. Other troop types need to use two actions to move and fire.

Dice throws are subject to the following modifiers:

Aimed Shot
Target in open
Wolf Rider moving
Wounded +2

Dwarven Crossbow - two wounds

0-6" 6-12" 12-18" 18-24" 24-30"
8 6 4 2 2

Goblin Bow - one wound

0-6" 6-12" 12-18" 18-24" 24-30"
6 4 2 2 ~

Fire-Ball (Husky Sven only)

0-6" 6-12" 12-18" 18-24" 24-30"
8 6 ~ ~ ~

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Once in base-to-base contact, a character must expend one Action Point to make a hand-to-hand attack, it costs no Action Points to defend.

Each character must roll a D10, subject to the following modifiers:

Orthgrimm Warf +3 (includes armour)
Mountain Regiment +1
Grott +3 (includes armour
Wolf Riders (on wolf) +2
Lesser Goblin -1
other Goblins +1
two-handed weapon +1
improvised weapon -1
Wounded -2
Villager -2

If the attacking character scores higher than the defending character, then the attacking character has caused one wound, if they score higher by equal to or more than four, then they have caused two wounds.

If the scores are equal then the result is a draw.

If the defending player scores higher than the attacking player then it is also a draw, but if they score higher by equal to or more than four, then they have caused a wound on the attacking character.


You must roll on the morale table when the following occurs to your character: wounded by missile fire, defeated in hand-to-hand combat, section down to 50%, death of leader.

Roll 1D10, subject to the following modifiers:

Mountain Regiment +2
any Dwarf +1
Lesser Goblin -1
wounded -1

1-2 run away (either hide in the hamlet or in the mountains)
3-5 retreat 4"
6-7 may not advance on enemy for one turn
8-10 no effect

The Outcome

The Dwarfs win if they manage to defeat all the goblins and force them to retreat with less than 33% casualties amongst the dwarfs.

The Dwarfs have a winning draw if they defeat all the goblins and force them to retreat with less than 50% casualties amongst the dwarfs.

The Goblins win if they cause 60% casualties on the Dwarfs, only losing 40% themselves.

The Goblins have a winning draw if they cause 60% casualties on the Dwarfs, only losing 60% themselves.

Any other result is a draw.

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