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Empire Strikes Back Art Book

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The Empire Strikes Back
A Dirtside II Scenario by Mike Elliott

AT AT Walkers

I’m sure most, if not all, of you reading this will have seen the film and possibly read the book as well (and bought the T-Shirt...).

The part that is particularly interesting from a wargaming point of view is the Imperial assault on the Rebel base on the ice planet of Hoth. Darth Vader has located the Rebel base and launches an assault to destroy it. The rebels fight a desperate rearguard action while their ships make a getaway.

The last ship to leave is (of course) the Millennium Falcon...


The Imperial forces are Imperial Stormtroopers riding in the famous AT-ATs (All Terrain Attack Transport). The Rebel defenders are mainly infantry dug-in with support weapons supported by Snow-Speeders and static gun towers.

The only information about organisation is that the Imperial forces have 12 AT-ATs and the Rebels have 12 Snow-Speeders. Weapon technology seems to be laser based. The following are suggested forces for the Assault on Hoth. To balance the game, The Imperial Forces should start at Confident, while the rebels should start at Shaken. The aim of the Rebel forces is to buy time for the evacuation of the Rebel base before withdrawing themselves.

Rebel troops on Hoth

Imperial Assault Force

2 Stormtroopers Companies each of:

3 Stormtrooper Platoons each mounted in 2 AT-ATs, consisting of:

1 Command Group of 1 Rifle Team

3 Squads each of 2 Rifle Teams

1 Anti-Armour Team

Rebel Defenders

4 Infantry Platoons each of:

3 Squads of 2 Rifle Teams

1 Weapons Squad of 1 APSW Team and 1 Anti-Armour Team

4 Flights each of:

3 Snow-Speeders

1 Defence Platoon of:

3 Gun Towers

AT AT Walkers

Vehicle Stats

Imperial AT-AT, Size 5, Armour 4, Transport Walker, Stealth 0, ECM Enhanced, Firecon Enhanced, 1 x HEL/2 (turret), 1 x APSW, capacity for 4 infantry teams.

Rebel Snow-Speeders, Size 2, Armour 1, Aerospace, Stealth 0, ECM Superior, Firecon Enhanced, 2 x HEL/2 (fixed mounts firing forward), 1 x APSW.

Rebel Gun Tower, Size 3, Armour 3 Static, Stealth 0, ECM Superior, Firecon Basic, 1 x MDC/3 (turret).

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